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My sat decoder need to have an external HDD to record videos... If I use my 8GB as pen, it doesn't recognize it! How can I convert to it, to let the decoder work?

It has to be partitioned as ext3.

I found HDD Low Level Format Tool for windows, it should work, but I can't part it in ext3 using it!

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Using gparted you can do two primary partitions, one in ext3, the other one in fat32.

I didn't think that you can use an ext3 partition in this purpoise...


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as you said abt the tool its for windows and windows doesn't support ext3 so that option will not be available.

i am not sure for ext3 but you can convert it to ext2 and ext4 by simply formating it with suitable option selected in Ubuntu itself ...... hope this will do !!!

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the problem is that the decoder recognizes the pen ( obviously ) as a pen, and the decoder doesn't record with it, it works only with an hardware he recognizes as an external HDD. That software ( only for windows ) can let the pen be recognized as an HDD, but can format the pen only as Fat or ntfs. – rodi Nov 10 '11 at 20:04
if u are on 11.10 try this :- dash-->disk utility-->select ur pendrive --->select format volume--> select type ext3 . i think it shld do !! – r4jiv007 Nov 12 '11 at 11:05

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