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I'm running a 5 screen setup over (5th screen disabled atm) two Radeon HD cards, three on a 6770 and two on a 5450 (one disabled atm).

When I move my mouse onto the second screen on the first card (6770) it disappears. Like a ghost mouse it does function on that screen but is not visible.

Here's a diagram of the setup:

and a screenshot of the Catalyst configuration

(it shows the two smaller LCDs as CRTs for some reason).

System is (X)Ubuntu 11.04 and I'm running the fglrx driver (proprietary?) version 11.9, the window manager is xfce4 (installed the Xubuntu package to get it).

The weird thing is it does work occasionally... I just don't know what causes it to work and not work.

Any ideas where I could start?


EDIT: Just confirmed it does the same thing on gnome, gnome (without effects) and fluxbox. Can't test unity cos I uninstalled that. Compositioning is on also.

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