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I'm trying to move to grub2 and while chainloading from legacy grub works fine, I'm not sure how to move completely. Old grub was installed in boot sector of swap partition, /dev/sda3, and was working fine there. I want new grub to be installed there as well but during upgrade-from-grub-legacy it suggest to install at MBR or at ubuntu root partition, /dev/sda4. How do I force it to install at /dev/sda3? Can I just do grub-install '(hd0,3)' instead of upgrade-from-grub-legacy?

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If you have verified that the new grub2 setup works, you can use grub-install safely.

The only significant thing upgrade-from-grub-legacy does is this:

rm -f /boot/grub/{{xfs,reiserfs,e2fs,fat,jfs,minix}_stage1_5,stage{1,2}}

which essentially removes the grub-legacy files from /boot/grub, you can also remove /boot/grub/menu.lst if it doesn't contain anything important to you.

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I'm not sure if this applies to you, but i've been getting an debconf prompt asking me where to install the bootloader. This works well for me, because I have a mirrored setup and need to install grub to 2 separate drives. – Ressu Aug 6 '10 at 7:13
It does ask about location but it gives very limited choices. As far as I understand it is either MBR or partition with Linux installed. That's not my case :) – vava Sep 5 '10 at 10:05

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