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the fallowing grep

grep -r -e -n coll *

will display

fullpath/filename:  <tag-name>coll</tag-name>

I would like to know what line has the fallowing text, I tried adding -n, but it did not work. I tried adding | grep -n *, but it did something weird.

what I would like to see (I don't care about format)

fullpath/filename:10:  <tag-name>coll</tag-name>
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I see line numbers when using the -n option. Can you post the output of what you get? – Kris Harper Nov 8 '11 at 15:58
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You should put -e at the end of the options list: grep -rne coll *

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no need for -r & -e !

get line number of a pattern!

grep -n "pattern" file.txt

if you want to get only the line number as output add another grep command to it !

grep -n "pattern" file.txt | grep -Eo '^[^:]+'
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