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I access samba shares from unity on Ubuntu 11.10 and saved username/pass for it. Now, I want to use a different username. Each time I go to the share and open it, it just opens without asking for credentials.

How can I force it to forget the saved credentials?

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With Seahorse it is possible to edit / remove passwords for network shares.

  1. Enter seahorse in Dash.
  2. Select Passwords tab, click on the right arrow after the folder icon to drop down the list of passwords.
  3. Select your share and right click -> Delete.

At the next mount attempt, you will be required to supply a new password.

enter image description here

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Personal folder -> press Ctrl H to see hidden files -> enter .config/nautilus -> delete file servers

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My guess would be that it is in the keyring, check here for more info:

How do I change passwords that have been saved in the keyring?

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