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What is a good way to convert mp3 files to speex files? I'll favor answers that give an easy solution for converting multiple files at a time and/or maintain good quality for spoken audio. Though any solution will be appreciated since I haven't found even a difficult way that works.

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Example for processing all mp3 files in current folder to speex using wide band (input rate converted to 16KHz with best SRC available - SoX):

for f in *.mp3 ; do sox "$f" -r 16k -t wav - | speexenc -w - "${f%.*}.speex" ; done

Depending on preferences change speex option and/or SoX rate converter to appropriate setting. For spoken audio example wide band should be fine

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I also needed to install sox (obvious) and also libsox-fmt-all (not so obvious). Though libsox-fmt-mp3 would probably have covered it in this case. – Rob Mosher Nov 11 '11 at 12:45
Yes, I presumed that SoX is present, like anywhere someone is doing something with audio, other than listening. I don't know what's the purpose of your task, but you may be interested also in OPUS (former Celt) by known developers: Listening tests outperformed everything available (Vorbis aoTuV, Apple HE AAC, ...) although bitstream is not frozen yet, it's generally available to public – zetah Nov 11 '11 at 13:34
It should be noted that the speex files produced by this command line will retain none of the metadata from the mp3 files. – Christian Mar 22 '14 at 4:54

You can use ffmpeg:

lame filename.mp3 filename.wav
ffmpeg -i  filename.wav filename.spx


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Although Opus is a better option these days you can use FFmpeg (if configured with --enable-speex):

for f in *.mp3
  ffmpeg -i "$f" -ar 32000 -q:a 10 "${f%.mp3}.spx"

This produced quite reasonable audio on my setup....

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