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hi i am new in ubuntu still. i want to run mu online it is just 1 game with i play, but still can not run it. i downloaded wine program, but it looks that i need to download more or to do something. when i go to webzen page and click start game they offer me download webzen game starter. i downloaded it and instaled, but whne i press again start game it sed that i must download webzen game starter again. =( can somene help me?

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According to the Wine AppDB, Mu Online does not work with Wine, and thus cannot be run in Ubuntu. The version of Wine tested is slightly lower than the version currently provided in Ubuntu 11.10, so that is slightly encouraging, but only very slightly--there is no reason to think anything has changed to make running it possible.

While you probably won't be able to get it to work, I recommend trying the latest beta, which is provided by this PPA, which you can use by following these instructions.

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