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I would like to replace $fileWithPath in $file, however this not works because (I think) path is not escaped. how to escape it?

sed -i 's/${fileWithPath}/HAHA/g' $file

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sed -i 's|'$fileWithPath'|HAHA|g' file

Single quotes define a string literal. Putting the variable outside the literal allows the shell to expand that part.

Also: if you are going to parse paths, use a delimiter in the sed command that doesn't confuse with the directory delimiter "/".

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Beware that if $fileWithPath contains whitespace, the wrong pattern is inserted. –  Lekensteyn Nov 7 '11 at 18:09

A better way for literal strings with forward slashes:

sed -i "s|my/path|my/other/path|g" myFileOfPaths.txt
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