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No matter what I try clicking on UbuntuOne within System>Preferences, it will NOT trigger my browser to open a webpage that allows me to add this computer. Please help. I have already gone thru the instructions for completely removing and reinstalling UbuntuOne. I have checked the Passwords and Encryption Keys program and there is NO entry for yadda yadda yadda. This is driving me nuts!!

I am trying to convert over to UbuntuOne from DropBox but if I can't even add this 10.04 computer I can't use UbuntuOne.

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This should work ok without any problems it is an LTS.

If you Contact Support they should be able to help.

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That's about all you can do. – James Nov 9 '11 at 0:21
  1. Register to it in programm or in website
  2. In programm Click Devices and there click Connect. Thats whats left. I know ive experienced also why not auto starts. But maybe not always u want to immediately start syncing so they left to not auto connect.
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