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I've moved from Windows to Ubuntu and I have problems converting my new books (in mp3) to m4b. There are a lot of Windows applications which could do that, but what about Ubuntu?

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While there is many Windows based programs that can perform this via a GUI from what I can find on Linux or Ubuntu you will have to revert to a command line to achieve it.

You can try the method detailed by aking1012 but as he states I also doubt it will work on ubuntu - but you could try.

I found a step by step guide that details coverting the mp3 to m4b by first converting to a .pcm file then converting it to m4b but this seems a long way to go and requires a lot of disk space.

An easier guide is on Ubuntu Forums which requires ffmpeg, imagemagick and mp3wrap and a script that is downloadable from the link to run.

mp4tags etc: wget

tar -xf mp4v2-1.9.1.tar.bz2 
cd mp4v2-1.9.1 
make sudo 

Remember to do the following with the script chmod +x and run as ./

I'm not certain how well it works but may be worth giving it a go.

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On the linux side this is supported by some versions of libfaac or the faac binary. Here is a link for gentoo. I don't know if the out of the box libfaac on ubuntu will do it, but I kind of doubt it. A recompile or medibuntu repo might be helpful.

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M4baker allows you to do this with a nice gui. You will have to build it and mp4v2 from source first, as per the ubuntu guide.

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