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Ubuntu 11.10, kernel Netbook medion AKOYA 1210. There is no sounds comming out the headphones. I have to go in the sound applet menu and switch off and on the sound card. After that, sound come out of the headphones.

Is it a bug ? Note I never encountered this issue since Ubuntu 10.04.

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You could try to update your kernel. If you open a console and type in sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. This will update other software as well. – marto Apr 5 '12 at 18:40

This should work

aplay -l

The output should include the sound card number (ex. "card 1")

then run:

alsamixer -c 1 (replace "1" with the number you got in previous command)

In alsamixer, turn the "speaker" volume up.

If you got sound, save the mixer state with:

sudo alsactl store 1

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Under Volume -> Sound Settings,

Did you check Connector, which can be found at the bottom of the window on 12.04?

Sometimes, it does not change automatically.

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Thought i'd supplement @erdemkeren answer with screenshots:

Visit sound settings

Make sure to visit sound settings (click on the sound volume icon in the top right): enter image description here

So sometimes you have to click on the orange box that i've shown below: enter image description here

Select your connect

Clicking on the connector will reveal a box with options. Most likely your best bet is the analog headphones. You may have other options as well. You may also have to switch your sound output device (Choose a device for sound output:

enter image description here

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