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Using SSHFS to mount remote file systems in the user space, I have the problem that all instances of Nautilus use to freeze, if one of the mounted hosts is unreachable. That problem occurs with Nautilus 2.X and 3.X and I cant find any solution until today. This problem makes SSHFS almost unusable, at least using an unstable WLAN or something like it. Is this a Nautilus bug? Can anyone confirm this problem, is there a solution?

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This is Bug 657208 in GNOME Bugzilla.


Also there is a possible workaround found in SSHFS FAQ:

sshfs hangs after a while

Mounting works fine, I can use the files in Mountpoint as good as any other files on my system, but after bit of time, changing nothing on the remote files sshfs crashes. This means, I can not cd into the Mountpoint (xterm hangs, nautilus hangs... every program trying to access the Mountpoint gets stuck, and won't return).

Solution: add

ServerAliveInterval 15

in your .ssh/config (or use -o ServerAliveInterval=15 on the sshfs command line but I did not test that solution). This will force the ssh connection to stay alive even if you have no activity.

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