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The custom filter options in Synaptic are kind of cryptic to me. I know over the last year and a half (I haven't fresh-installed since 10.04) I've installed several .debs and packages from PPAs.

How can I set up a filter in Synaptic that finds just these packages, so that I can downgrade or remove them?

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It's actually not as hard as I thought it might be - and it's probably quite a valuable filter to have!

First you select which status you want to show. I selected "Installed" amongst a couple of others but that's probably all you need.

enter image description here

The real nuts and bolts come from the properties screen. In there you can set the origin requirements. All I did was exclude anything from (which is the mirror I use). If you're using another mirror, change that string.

enter image description here

The alternative would be to disable all the PPAs in sources and then look at the local section.

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You can tray to find the package you look for by using the Origin button instead off custom filters.

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