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i am trying to install wacom driver in ubuntu 11.10. I am unable to install it as the driver is only available for gnome 2.:(

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I'm sure I saw an icon for Wacom tablets in System Settings using the Gnome 3 interface.

If you have no joy, let me know and I'll try it this evening as I have a Bamboo myself.

Normally, they just work no fiddling around required, although at present mine is connected to a Kubuntu 11.10 PC, my other PC runs Ubuntu 11.10.


Okay, just checked Ubuntu 11.10, plugged in my Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet Model CTE-650, just worked!

System Settings contains the settings for the tablet, no drivers required

System Settings

You must be doing something wrong.

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I have already checked that out. – Dhawal Agarwal Nov 6 '11 at 5:17

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