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Sometimes man pages contain references to other information pages, for example Everyday Git[1] and gittutorial(7) are referred to in the man page for git. Those with round bracketed numbers refer to other man pages, so for the gittutorial man page I enter:

 man 7 gittutorial

How do I access the info referred to in square brackets? (eg: Everyday Git[1])

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The references in square brackets on the git man page seem to be referencing footnotes from the same page rather than being references to other man page. From the bottom of the git man page:

    1. Everyday Git
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Yep, I'd say your'e right. All 10 of the NOTES listed are referred to earlier in the man page with appropriate number in square brackets. Thanks. – drevicko Nov 4 '11 at 4:01

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