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I've just completed and tested a charm I made for Juju. I've followed the directions on the Juju Charms page and pushed the charm to my LP branch. How do I get it into the charms tool or the "Charms Store"?

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didnt they describe this during the UDS sessions today (November 3, 2011) on the workflow of submitting Juju Charms? – Thomas W. Nov 4 '11 at 2:56
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The final step in the linked page is to file a bug on Launchpad with the tag new-charm. It would also be useful to link your branch to the bug to help reviewers find it.

If your charm follows this policy and passes peer review by the charmers team in launchpad then it will be accepted. Then for users of the 'charm-tools' package it will appear in charm search, charm list, charm update, and charm getall

As a first step you can join the charm-contributors team on launchpad if you're looking for peer help in getting your charm tested.

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