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I'm trying to launch a program through a variable and it reads fine but it runs into issues when trying to launch the .jar file.

Normal running works fine and it launches the program as you can see below.

What is the problem?

:~$ HAVEN=Desktop/Haven/
:~$ echo $HAVEN
:~$ $HAVEN
Error: Unable to access jarfile hafen.jar
:~$ cd Desktop/Haven
:~/Desktop/Haven$ ./
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Can you edit your question to include the script, – Greenonline Mar 29 at 9:22
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Sounds like is using relative paths. Your current working directory when you run it from ~/ is ~/ not ~/Desktop/Haven.

You can fix this by cding to the directory of the script somewhere near the beginning of, with something like this:

cd "$(dirname "$(readlink -f -- "$0")")"

That, or you could have it specify the full paths to your jars.

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Thanks. Your first sentence helped me fix the problem. I changed hafen.jar to Desktop/Haven/hafen.jar – Johnny Louweret Mar 29 at 9:24

In case any variable is not working you can specify binary path of the command.

like.. If you use cp command and it does not work you can mention /bin/cp (Binary file for this command). In the same fashion you can use in you case as per the requirement.

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