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According to my research, the best solution to use ubuntu server as a DVR system would be ZoneMinder. is there any alternatives to zoneminder out there? I'm not really happy it only has a web interface to control/view my cameras. And it doesn't have an option to record video stream non-stop. Am I missing something in its configuration? And the thing I really disappointed, I cant find a way to control my PTZ camera with it. what do manufacturers sell along with their standalone linux powered dvr systems?

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As you mentioned the best solution is Zoneminder.

If you are using the 11.10 version of Ubuntu the 1.24.4 version of Zoneminder is there. along with the mythzoneminder to give a friendlier way to watch the videos.

For specific stuff about zoneminder and how it handles the devices I suggest:

Support Page -

Forum -

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