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I use gedit for pure text writing (I mean not coding). To highlight chapters in the text I wrap with "+" boxes likes:


  Title goes here    


or do underline by using "---".

To streamline the writing I was looking for a plugin with no success. Not looking for any advanced editor. Wanted just pure text.

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This facility already exists in Gedit in the 'Snippets' section. First ensure you have activated the Snippets pluging by opening Gedit and then going to:

Edit --> Preferences --> Plugins

and activate the Plugin as shown here:

enter image description here

Then go to:

Tools --> Manage Snippets

and finally:

  1. Define a new snippet by using the '+' key and name it
  2. Type your preferred letters in the 'Edit' section
  3. Add a shortcut key to it

Below is my own version of what you are after, which I have named 'Code Marker' and mapped to Ctrl+T:

enter image description here

This is now available in your all of your Gedit documents; not a pure 'wrap' but pretty close to it :)

A note of caution: Be a little cautious of which keys you assign as shortcuts to avoid conflicts with default gedit shortcuts that might already be claiming these keys...

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You could check with before assigning a key combo to avoid conflicts with existing shortcuts. Ctrl+T may already be set to open a new tab. – DK Bose Mar 28 at 8:03
@DKBose: great point, which I have absorbed into my answer, thanks! – andrew.46 Mar 28 at 8:11
Thanks. Work great. I thought it was only for coding, but I see the global works for all. To avoid shortcut key conflicts, decided to use a tab trigger "tbox" that writes a "full box", I mean a "+" line up and down with a blank line in the middle to write the title. – wizel Mar 28 at 9:23

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