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whyshock@VaishakJ:/home$ cd Downloads   
bash: cd: Downloads: No such file or directory    
whyshock@VaishakJ:/home$ cd /whyshock    
bash: cd: /whyshock: No such file or directory    

Screenshot Attached

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And who told you to put a / in front of whyshock in the last command? – Rinzwind Mar 26 at 10:13
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/home is not your home directory. /home/whyshock is.

Do one of the following to get to your home directory:

cd /home/whyshock
cd ~
cd "$HOME"

To navigate to a directory in your home directory, you can do either of:

cd ~/Downloads
cd "$HOME"/Downloads
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Thanks!! That reply was really fast. I'm just getting started using the terminal! Would like you to help me more with this. :) – Vaishak J Mar 26 at 10:14
get 20 rep @VaishakJ and you can enter chat. Often someone there will help a new person get started. Putting all newbie questions on AU will take longer and also flood the frontpage ;-) – Rinzwind Mar 26 at 10:22
Will Do! :) . The Struggle is Real though :P – Vaishak J Mar 26 at 10:30

Not only you are not on your user home directory /home/whyshock, as muru points out, but when you try to navigate to it you are prefixing a slash to the directory name. cd /whyshock will try to navigate to a directory named "whyshock" in your root directory or /, which simply doesn't exist.

Whenever you start up your shell, by default is on the home directory already, without you having to move to the /home/whyshock directory. There's a nice section on the FSH specifications about this directory.

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