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I am not able to restore my previous mail backup data file backup.pst. kindly help on the same.

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Mozillazine Article says:

There are several open source utilities to convert .pst files to mbox files such as readpst , libpst and Outport . Thunderbird uses a separate mbox file for each folder to store all of the messages for that folder. None of those utilities seem to be under active development and they only support some of the versions of .pst files. You can use the ImportExporttools extension to import the mbox files.

readpst is in the repos, but lacking a .pst file I can't try it

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I had some success using readpst.

sudo apt-get install readpst
mkdir pst-export
readpst -D -M -b -o pst-export archive.pst
find . -type f ! -iname '*.eml' -exec rename 's/([0-9]+)$/$1.eml/' {} \;

Then import the .eml files into Thunderbird. I suggest using the ImportExportTools plugin.

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