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I have a directory consists of several files. Files name are as follows;


I need to add "0" for all files after the first 4 numbers like;


Is there a way to do it with bash or perl?

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Use this command

rename -n -v 's/(.{4})(.*)/${1}0${2}/' *

See if the result is what you want, remove -n and -v options.


take this simple command:

rename 's/pattern/result/' filename(s)

Pattern can be regex. So, we can take different part of the text (which is the filename). If you don't understand it, google for regex.

So in the command I suggest, in pattern, it divide the filename into two parts: first part which is first four characters and the second part is the rest.

Now in the result part, we paste first part, add one 0 and then add the second part. As simple as this.

If you can make proper regex, you can easily do bulk rename.

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Or also simply rename -n -v 's/.{4}/${&}0/' * – kos Mar 24 at 15:14
@kos Nice one. Thanks for sharing – Mostafa Ahangarha Mar 24 at 15:17
thank you very much for the explanation @Mostafa – deepblue_86 Mar 24 at 15:22
Most welcome. I hope it could help you to understand and use it next time yourself. Bests – Mostafa Ahangarha Mar 24 at 15:24

something like that can do the trick in bash for all files in current directory

for filename in *;do
    mv "$filename" "${filename:0:4}0${filename:5:11}"
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