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Anybody have any experiences about installing Ubuntu onto a Thinkpad T21? Thanks!

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That laptop is very old, so most drivers should work out of the box. However since the max RAM is 512 MB and it is a Pentium III, you'll be better off with Lubuntu, Puppy Linux or SliTaz Linux.

Check the following links for more info.

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I bought a Thinkpad T61 for 200 dollars on eBay, everything runs fine. You may wanna get a 'new' old laptop. – Jose Elera Nov 3 '11 at 2:12

Another suggestion is Elementary OS with the lightweight Pantheon DE, very light yet eye candy, itself based on 12.04 LTS for compatibility & supported to the latter third of 2017. Whatever your distro, the T21's graphics will not render modern video, consider upgrading the whole laptop.

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