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I use ubuntu 11.10 64bit on my Hp dv6 6080 laptop. i have problem in ubuntu 1) i can't adjust lcd brightness in ubuntu with brightness keys. how can i adjust lcd brightness because lcd brightness Offend my eyes. please help me

2)I can't switch to projector with switch button above buttons work on win7 but i can't use them on Ubuntu!

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That solution works for me too. I have Ubuntu 11.10 and Laptop HP PAVILION DV6

Too make things easier I created a script:

current_brightness=`cat /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness`
echo current_brightness = $current_brightness

if [ "$1" = "+" ]
    new_brightness=`expr $current_brightness + $steep`

if [ "$1" = "-" ]
    new_brightness=`expr $current_brightness - $steep`

echo new_brightness = $new_brightness

echo $new_brightness | tee $brightness_file

One drawback here you have to open brightness_file for write to anyone: sudo chmod 666 brightness_file

Then put the script in a file. For example and you can change brightness with commands + or -

To make even better you can allocate shortcuts on the same f2 f3 keys.

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There's a stupid bug in Ubuntu 11.04 and later with NVidia chipsets, GPU's. For some GPU's, you can use the package smartdimmer.

sudo apt-get install smartdimmer 

After that smartdimmer -s <level>. Use the numbers 25-100.

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For the other question, the one with the display key, take a look at Disper:

It's quite an ugly solution, but it's the only one that worked for me in the past (though with a different laptop).

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worked fine for me on Ubuntu 11.10 and HP Pavilion dv6.

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I'm using Arch Linux with KDE, but had the same problem (dv6 laptop as well, with hybrid Intel / ATI graphics).

I solved it by adding this to the kernel startup line in grub.cfg / grub.lst or whatever it' s called in Ubuntu:


Not sure if this works in Ubuntu though.

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