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I have not used the Ubuntu software center or the apt-get for java installation. Learning from a Ubuntu discussion thread that a manual download and install would give me the capability to place java anywhere, I've downloaded the Sun jdk bin package and executed the ./package in the Downloads folder. I see that the jre1.6_0 is installed in the Downloads directory itself. Now I am stuck. Where should the jre folder typically be? usr/bin is it?? Is it okay if I just cut and paste the installed jre folder to the specified location? So where should the folder typically reside and how to set the path? PLease help

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Try installing openjdk-6-jre instead of Oracle Java. – Lekensteyn Nov 2 '11 at 17:16
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The correct place for jre1.6_0 is /usr/lib/jvm.

Please see this question where I detailed manual installation steps for installing 1.7. You should easily adapt that to your case.

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