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Sharing files between my Guest Kubuntu OS and Host Windows has become a real headache.

So, far I have done the steps below:


  • VM -> Settings -> Options -> Shared Folders. And added my folder.
  • Installed properly my VMware tools (I can drag and drop files so I am confident that it is installed)


  • Shared the folder with everyone (to assure that there is no permit limitations with my files)

If I type vmware-hgsclient in my guest OS, the folder I am sharing does appear. But when I check the /mnt/hgfs folder, it is empty.

I have gone through the VMware manual, and I am sure that I have followed their requirements.

I am really out of ideas. Any one has a suggestion?

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I had this exact problem. It turned out IT had installed some old version of VMWare tools with non-functioning vmhgfs kernel module.

My solution was to run the configuration with the clobber-kernel-modules setting to overwrite the existing vmhgfs module.

 sudo -d --clobber-kernel-modules=vmhgfs

The -d selects all the defaults for you (remove it if you don't want the defaults).

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bingo, I had the same issue, and running the command above solved it. Thanks a bunch. – Waqas Sep 20 '13 at 16:14
Just want to mention that this worked for me with OSX as host, vmware Fusion running CentOS 6.4 – Amida Nov 29 '13 at 11:58
Perfect! Worked for me with OSX as host and VM runnig Ubuntu 14.04 – pjvds May 2 '14 at 12:18
command not found error, i am using vmware workstation 12 an ubuntu 15.04 – 151291 Feb 25 at 10:00

mount -t vmhgfs .host:/share /mnt/hgfs/ where host is the host you are connecting to share is the share name and /mnt/hgfs is the mount point for the share in your system.

vmware-hgsclient will show you the available mounts, you still need to mount them with vmware-hgfsmounter or using the mount command above described.

If that does not work check if the module vmhgfs is loaded lsmod | grep "vm."

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It gave me this answer. Host in share name must be ".host". Error: share name is invalid, aborting mount. vmhgfs is not loaded, how can I load it? Thanks. – Peretz Nov 2 '11 at 16:53
mkdir /mnt/hgfs/ – syslogic Feb 27 '13 at 5:21

For me, it turned out that vmware-hgfsmounter was not installed (ubuntu 12.10). After installing that module, I was able to mount my share as descibed above

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I have it installed in /usr/lib/vmware-tools/sbin64, but it still doesn't work for me. – Igor G. Oct 31 '14 at 14:18

For me, I installed "Development Tools" and reinstalled VMware Tool. Then I see the shared folder.

Host: Windows 7 Guest OS: CentOS 7

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