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I have an owncloud running on my bananapi. In the data dir of owncloud I am linking to some folders on an external HDD.

Moreover I want to use the linked folders, like Music, Videos etc. as a Shared folder in my network, so Plex and Back in Time can access it.

I am using Samba for this. How are access rights maintained? There is a thing called Samba User.. What is this for? My folders are www-data:www-data:, as owncloud recommends using these ownerships.

To access them via Samba I do not want to set the chmod to 777.

How do I gain them perms, so I can use a Samba Client to read, write the shared folders?

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"To access them via Samba I do not want to set the chmod to 777. " Just for that you get an upvote from me :+ – Rinzwind Mar 19 at 18:07

A samba user is a normal Ubuntu user that you create and then use to set up samba with. Samba has its own password program called "smbpasswd" with ...

smbpasswd -a {user}

That gives access to /home/{user}/

/etc/samba/smb.conf also lets you set a share for that samba user

comment = Accounts data directory
path = /directory/dir/
valid users = {user}
public = no
writable = yes

That last one makes files writable.

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neat. So I just can add a user to www-data. Or create a unified group. – Daniel Hitzel Mar 19 at 18:13
@DanielHitzel yes sir. That will work :-) Do change the default directory though. Never a good thing to use a /home/ for things like this. – Rinzwind Mar 19 at 18:16

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