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I would like some advice on how to, if it is possible, do the following:-

I want to have the same text file in a number of locations. I would like all files to update no matter which file I modify.

I want to store a copy of this file on an external hard drive. I would like this file to update when the external hard drive is connected. It would be great if modifying this file resulted in the files on the computer also updating.

This is so I can keep track of how and where I have created system back ups. Also to have my clumsy documentation of installs & changes etc close at hand and accessible.


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Sounds exactly like what Version Control Systems were invented for... set up an SVN server, make a svn update on log-in and svn commit after you change something?

Actually, on the second thought, I think a distributed VCS, such as git, may work even better... you just designate one of the repositories as "canonical" and others are pushing/pulling to it... your external hard drive may be the canonical repository. But still - the idea is the same.

As a very quick introduction, have a look at this: Normal Workflow and Distributed Workflows chapters in the Git Book

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Ta. I don't really understand (yet) so I will read up on your suggestions. –  user31840 Nov 2 '11 at 15:29
I've added a couple of links –  Sergey Nov 2 '11 at 21:33

Dropbox is great for file synchronisation across multiple computers. I use it for keeping configuration examples for routers across all my machines.

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