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I have an Ubuntu Server 11.04 x64 which I want to secure.

The server will be open to Internet and I want to be able to SSH/SFTP into the machine and the SSH-server runs on a custom set port. I also want a web server accessible from the Internet. These tasks seems not to hard to perform but I also want SAMBA-shares to be accessible from within the local network and this seems to be a bit trickier.

If possible I also want to be able to "stealth" the ports necessary to protect the server further but also allow the SAMBA-shares to be automatically found within the local network.

I've never configured firewalls before except for a router and I always bump into a bunch of problem when doing it all by myself so I was hoping for some tips or preferably a guide on how to this.

Thank you!


On second thought I'd could just as likely go with UFW if the same settings are achievable ("stealth" ports).

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I learned everything I needed to configure UFW from this excellent tutorial:

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