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I have Ubuntu 11.10 and hibernate isn't working on this machine.

I looked at this post and after the string # swap was on /dev/….. nothing appears.

I cannot find the file: /usr/lib/hal/scripts/linux/hal-system-power-suspend-linux. Moreover, s2disk does not work properly and the computer cannot hibernate.

Now I cannot even shut down the system - the process does not complete. I need to press the power button every time.

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Try mount the swap partition (sd* is your swap partition - if you don't know what it is, probably it's the one in the comment "# swap was on /dev/...")

sudo swapon /dev/sd*

and suspend. You should also post more information about your machine.

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this page recommends you have at least as much swap space as you do RAM... I only had 1G swap, vs 8G RAM, so that could be the problem!


[edit] - tried this, made sure I had swap to spare (10GB for 8GB RAM), still doesnt work :(

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