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In Ubuntu 11.10, I use evince 3.2.0 to read PDF files. As we know many research articles have literature citation and so their PDF files would have many "inter links" which link from citation to the "Reference List". And if we click the links, it will jump to revelant reference term, which is very convenient.

The problem comes when I click two different files:

First File: Downlod here First File, good

If I click the cite, it would automatically jump to the reference list, it OK!

Second File: Downlod here Second file, bad

Problem comes! If I click the cite, it will jump, too. However, the page view would become very small and I have to ajdust zoom manually!

Perhaps you'll say it may be due to the second file itself, not evince. However, I've tried Okular, and it works perfect, no such problem. So perhaps some problems are due to evince? (The reason I don't use Okular is that it doesn't work well with text selecting.)

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