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I can't write a regex code for that. Microsoft Windows has changed my files' names and I want to remove the date from this names.

How can I do this? (Names are below.)

icon-culture (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-disk (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-download (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-drop (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-file (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-film (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-flag (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-folder (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-garbage (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-graph (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-heart (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-help (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-lock (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-map (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-media (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-money (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-monitor (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-notes (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-openmail (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-phone (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
icon-photo (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png

Tutorials didn't do well for me. Because there is some special character and united numbers.

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Please don't pictures of text. Copy the text here, and apply code formatting. – muru Mar 12 at 9:25
So essentially you wanna change every icon from icon-something (date).png to icon-something.png ? ( remove parenthesis ) ? – Serg Mar 12 at 9:26
I've edited muru. @Serg, I want to change these names like that: icon-monitor (date).png to icon-monitor.png and icon-notes (date).png to icon-notes.png – Interesting Knox Mar 12 at 9:28
Have a look on this:… – Mostafa Ahangarha Mar 12 at 9:29
I've looked up but there is no any example with "complicated strings" and other characters like "(". But I've learned some tricks and my problem has solved. Thank you. – Interesting Knox Mar 12 at 9:44
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You can use the rename command:

$ rename -n 's/ \(.*?\)//' *.png
icon-culture (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-culture.png
icon-disk (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-disk.png
icon-download (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-download.png
icon-drop (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-drop.png
icon-file (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-file.png
icon-film (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-film.png
icon-flag (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-flag.png
icon-folder (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-folder.png
icon-garbage (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-garbage.png
icon-graph (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-graph.png
icon-heart (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-heart.png
icon-help (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-help.png
icon-lock (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-lock.png
icon-map (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-map.png
icon-media (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-media.png
icon-money (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-money.png
icon-monitor (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-monitor.png
icon-notes (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-notes.png
icon-openmail (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-openmail.png
icon-phone (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-phone.png
icon-photo (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png renamed as icon-photo.png

s/ \(.*?\)// is a simple, if broad, expression, matching a space followed by parentheses-enclosed stuff. You can pick more precise expressions like:

  • s/ \(.*?\)\.png$/.png/ - like the previous, but matching only if followed by .png and the end of the filename, or
  • s/ \(\d{4}(_\d\d){2} \d\d(_\d\d){2} UTC\)\.png/.png/ - matching the date pattern shown in these files, and followed .png.

The -n option is for testing the command. Run without it if you're satisfied with the results.

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It's working perfectly. Thank you! – Interesting Knox Mar 12 at 9:40
There's another very similar rename command shipped by ubuntu: prename. The exact same args should work for it, too, but the implementation is different. – Peter Cordes Mar 12 at 21:34
@PeterCordes that is the rename I'm using here (aka perl-rename). The other rename (from util-linux) isn't the default, so I don't mention it unless necessary. – muru Mar 12 at 21:36
On my Ubuntu 15.10: /usr/bin/prename is from the perl package. /usr/bin/rename is a symlink, through /etc/alternatives/rename, to /usr/bin/file-rename from the rename package. That package's description says it's "intended to replace the version currently supplied by the perl package", so I guess it's the better choice. – Peter Cordes Mar 12 at 21:58
@PeterCordes Hmm. Guess I should start using new releases more often. – muru Mar 12 at 21:59

Using bash parameter expansion:

for file in *.png; do mv -i "$file" "${file%% *}".png; done

${file%% *} will discard the unwanted portion of the filename starting from space. Then the extension .png is added after the filename while mv-ing.

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It's better than other bash reply. Thank you. – Interesting Knox Mar 12 at 10:07

You could try the following python code snippet

import os
import glob
files = glob.glob('*')
for file in files:
    var1 = file.find(' (')
    var2 = file.find(')')+1
    filename = file[:var1] +  file[var2:]
    os.rename(file, filename)
  • glob finds all files which satisfy the regex argument
  • You iterate through the list and modify the name of the file
  • rename changes the name of the file
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Thank you! But it's complicated for me. :) – Interesting Knox Mar 12 at 9:41

Using bash and parameter expansion, run the following code from the same directory where you have the files.

for file in *.png ; do NAME="${file%%\ \(*}"; EXT="${file##*.}" ; mv "$file" "$NAME"."$EXT"   ; done  

Sample run

$> ls                                                                                                                             
icon-culture (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png  icon-disk (2015_09_04 06_58_44 UTC).png
$> for file in *.png ; do NAME="${file%%\ \(*}"; EXT="${file##*.}" ; mv "$file" "$NAME"."$EXT"   ; done                               
$> ls
icon-culture.png  icon-disk.png
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Another good way. Thank you! – Interesting Knox Mar 12 at 9:47

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