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I had Ubuntu 11.10 working absolutely fine with my previous (ATI 4870) card and 2 monitors. Unfortunately, after replacing this card with the ATI 6670 and 3 monitors, I've been struggling with getting everything working properly.

Initially, I had a mirrored dispay on all 3 screens but trying to change this with the Catalyst Control (with admin privileges) resulted in the control closing without saving the changes (after clicking on apply).

Therefore, I decided to remove the proprietary drivers to see if the open source ones would work or if reinstalling them would help. I followed the instructions on number 2 of this site:

After restarting, I can see the Ubuntu loading screen on all 3 but then afterwards I get no display on any of them. After upgrading to 11.10, I also don't see the Grub boot loader any longer so I can't try going into safe mode to make further changes.

What can I do?

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Tips and problem solutions for the proprietary driver from AMD can you find in the unofficial wiki here:

There is a description how you must configure fglrx drivers for multi-monitoring.

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