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I had a nvidia gtx 210 (pci-e 16x) running with 2 monitors, official nvidia drivers and gnome-shell. After that, i wanted to add a third monitor, so i added a second nvidia gtx 210 (pci-e 1x) to my pc and configured the third screen with the nvidia-settings.

It is configured as a separate xscreen, while the other graphic card has its two monitors in twin view mode.

Well, it starts with that configuration, loads the wallpapers, but no gnome-shell. I can start with gnome classic, and it works well with 3 screens, but not with gnome3. The only thing that i see when starting with gnome3 are wallpapers on each screen, but no panels, no menu, no nothing (super key starts no shell) at any of the monitors. Looks like gnome3 can't start anymore.

Is it currently even possible to run gnome-shell with a dual graphic card and tripple monitor setup? I'm asking because im starting to lose my faith..

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I have the same issue, if you have found a solution! –  RageZ Dec 13 '11 at 13:09
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