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I want to set one worksheet cell range reference to another worksheet using aspose.cells.For example i have two worksheet(wrk1 and wr2). I have some data on wrk1 and wrk2 is balnk.Now on wrk2 i want cells refrence of wrk1(like want cell reference of wrk1 sheet A1:A10 on wrk2 with same style as on wrk1) .

Please suggest.

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There's a more complete answer here:

But the short answer is wrk1!
That is to say the name of the worksheet followed by an exclamation point. (!)
So in cell B5 of wrk2 enter =wrk1!A1:wrk1!A10 would be an example formula.

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this is partially meeting my requirements,i need Wrk1 cell references any where on wrk2, by using aobve formaulla if the row index in both sheet are same then only it willl set the reference,for exmple if i write this formula(=wrk1!A1:wrk1!A10) on wrk2 between cell range (A1:A10 or B1:B10 ot C1:C10 and so on) then it will work. but in case i want reference in (A10:A20) the it will give me error. Please suggest, it will be great help. –  kapil Nov 1 '11 at 5:33
If I'm looking at it correctly the error you maybe getting is that the number of cells you're referencing are not the same. A1-A10 is a range of 10 cells. A10-A20 is a range of 11 cells. You'll need to reference A11-A20 or A10-A19. –  Argusvision Nov 1 '11 at 13:33

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