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Firstly i want my drivers up to date. So can you help me about that? And 1 more question, at CPU title we have 2 options like microwaves and do not use device. Which one i must use? I use that right now:

enter image description here

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All the recommended drivers are installed. You do not need to do anything. – Pilot6 Feb 28 at 14:14
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When you mean security updates - you will receive them for the drivers that you have installed from the Ubuntu repositories. When you want feature updates, you have to install new drivers from the Proprietary GPU Drivers PPA ... the latest official NVIDIA drivers currently are 361.28.

It is recommended to use the drivers from the repositories. When you nevertheless want to install the newer drivers from the NVIDIA long-lived branch ... open a terminal and execute :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nvidia-361 nvidia-prime
sudo reboot  

Processor microcode contains updated system processor microcode for Intel x64 x86 processors.
Intel releases microcode updates to correct processor behavior as documented in the respective processor specification updates. It is not necessary to use these drivers - but you can if you want.

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Maybe enough posting the same answer a few times a day? – Pilot6 Feb 28 at 14:14
idk it is same answer or not but it is helpful. really thank you mate :) you recommend microcode or other option for better performance etc.? – Alp Feb 28 at 14:50
thanks again man, you are really helpful :) – Alp Feb 28 at 15:03
@Alp : You're welcome ... and ... no it is not the same answer ... it is slightly different ... many new users ask questions about NVIDIA graphics, so I just try to help them ... mostly there is something different, because every hardware and every setup is different. I have quite new hardware, so I have the latest official drivers installed. On my machine the NVIDIA drivers 361 work great without any issues and I have intel-microcode activated as well ... but in the end ... this decision is up to you ... and now ... enjoy ubuntu experience ! :) – cl-netbox Feb 28 at 16:25
can you help me at my new question? :… – Alp Mar 12 at 14:11

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