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I use Ubuntu 11.10. And I have a big problem.

In some programs Ctrl+A doesn't work. For example in Chrome Ctrl+A doesn't work; only in text areas. In Gedit Ctrl+A doesn't work at all. In Qutim Ctrl+A works well.

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Here is ansver:

In eng: run gnome-tweak-tool, "theme", and change key theme. This:

enter image description here

Hope i help somebody. :)

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You helped me, mate ;) +1. – W.K.S May 29 '12 at 13:18

I had this problem too, but with Gnome 3.10.

After reading the @Sk8er, I found my mistake, the Key Theme should not be EMACS.

To fix it:

Run gnome-tweak-tool > Keyboard and Mouse > Key Theme

Set the Key Theme value to Default.

gnome-tweak-tool screen

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