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Lubuntu login manager lets you choose between a Lubuntu session and a LXDE session. Apart from the wallpaper ( :p ) what are the differences between them? I've also noticed that the average CPU temperature on my laptop is lower when I'm on a LXDE session.

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Apart from the different theme, and icons, I couldn't find any other differences. Even the number of processes was exactly the same. You can see all running processes with ps aux, and ps aux | wc -l to get their number.

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Well, I don't know what are the differences, but I know that on my brand new asus eee-pc:

  • with the "Lubuntu" session, it was almost impossible to connect to any networks (ethernet, wireless, or mobile broadband) and none was spontaneously looked for; whereas,

  • with the "LXDE" session, all available networks (ethernet, wireless, and mobile broadband) were spontaneously looked for and connected to.

Why? No idea. But I spent last night on it. So that difference is a pretty big one for me!

PS: just found interesting:

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