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Hello I've recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 and entered a wrong password for my apartment's wireless network.

Upon entering the network options to edit the password it will allow me to delete it and rewrite but not to save,the save edit button disappears.

I have already tried deleting and recreating the connection but it starts up with the incorrect password already in,also restarting both my wirelesses and laptop have failed.

I feel I'm forgetting some permissions or something and that I should be able to change it from the terminal.

I will accept any solutions but please don't suggest upgrade to the newest edition there's a reason I'm running the old one.

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Press Alt+F2, try running gksudo nm-connection-editor. That should allow you to edit and save everything.

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Thank you will try. – Bora George Oct 30 '11 at 20:04
If nm-connection-editor does not exist try just nm-editor, I know the command exist just don't know if they changed the name of it on further releases. gl and drop a comment if both do not exist :S – Bruno Pereira Oct 30 '11 at 20:06

In most cases you can do a telnet to a wireless device from your local network. However, they don't all support it, they often use a non conventional port, and you need a login and password... the password is probably the one you know of already. The login should be the same as the HTTP login.

So you'd do something like this:

telnet 888

to connect, and it should ask you for the login and password. The IP and port should be available / shown in the HTTP settings somewhere if it is at all supported.

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