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How can I make an fstab entry to try to first mount as read-write, and if it that fails, as read-only?

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If I try to mount a read-only block device, the mount command automatically falls back to mounting the file system read-only. This is the message printed by mount when I do so: mount: block device /dev/loop2 is write-protected, mounting read-only – kasperd Feb 22 at 17:10

You have to set options to errors=remount-ro your entry will look like:

<device>  <mount point> <fs type> errors=remount-ro <dump> <pass>
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This does not sound exactly what was being asked for. remount-ro is used to turn a file system previously mounted read-write into one mounted (more or less) read-only in case any file system corruption is detected. The question to me sounds like it is asking for the file system to be mounted read-only if mounting read-write is not possible in the first place. – kasperd Feb 22 at 17:09
Yeah, this wasn't what I was asking after all. – Det Feb 25 at 21:42

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