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I have Ubuntu 11.04, and I would like to set my sound setting so that when I use my external microphone I can hear myself speak into the microphone as if it's a karaoke. I went to the sound setting, but it doesn't have the option to "listen to this device" as I can find in Windows. Is this an option in Ubuntu?

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By choosing "Sound Settings..." from the drop down menu of the speaker icon in your top panel choose Hardware and select something like "Analog Stereo Duplex" from the Profile selection.

enter image description here

In case your microphone is recognized correctly you should be able to hear it through your local speakers.

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I did that and I still cannot hear anything. Do I need to select the profile for my microphone device? When I did, there is not option for "Duplex." – Learn123 Oct 30 '11 at 18:23

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