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I recently saw one option that we can create Terminal Profile.

enter image description here

How can I give custom path to open Terminal directly point to that path when it is open.

I want to give my project folder path so I can easily move in any project.

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Use a custom command for your profile:

enter image description here

The command could be something like:

sh -c 'cd /path/to/folder; exec bash'
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Dangit muru ! Beaten me by a second ! And with exec too ! You're too damn good >:) – Serg Feb 17 at 5:12
@Serg it needs the exec, or terminal complains when you close the tab. :/ – muru Feb 17 at 5:12
Complains ? Doesn't do on mine Oo – Serg Feb 17 at 5:14
@Serg for me it says there's a running process. – muru Feb 17 at 5:14
Ah, you mean the confirmation window ? Hmm . . . that's not that big of a deal , at least IMHO – Serg Feb 17 at 5:16

Couple of options:

One, use run custom command option in terminal. enter image description here Two, set cd /path/to/dir in your .bashrc, preferably at the end. Every time you spawn shell, you will be automatically redirected to your desired directory

Another small hack (not the best approach, but workable): alter the shortcut for Ctrl+Alt+T to set it to gnome-terminal --working-directory=/path/to/dir. Check out more options that you can use when calling gnome-terminal manually in man gnome-terminal

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