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Is there a way to create small caps in GIMP?

There was a reference to at GIMPTalk, but the plugin doesn't exist. I've installed Freetext on my computer, but don't know how to proceed to make it work with GIMP. Is there a file I should copy to some GIMP directory?

There was also a reference to a small caps plugin, but that doesn't seem to be available anymore.

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The FreeType GIMP plugin has been officially discontinued, so the only way to type in small caps in the GIMP is to use a small caps font variant such as Delicious SmallCaps:

Small caps in GIMP

Sadly, there isn't any better solution at this time. While it appears that there was a preliminary version of a Script-Fu script for generating small caps posted in 2005, it is no longer available.

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That's sad because I 'need' a specific font and I don't think that's available. Will check and report back. – GUI Junkie Nov 13 '11 at 10:42

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