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The phpstorm is not responding and i want to kill the process. this is the location of instalation: /opt/phpstorm/PhpStorm-143.1770/bin.

i cannot close it with the X button so please help me to close / restart it with the command line.


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All "processess" that are active can be seen with the "ps" command. From command line you can type ...

ps -ef | grep phpstorm

it will list all the process IDs

$ ps -ef| grep phpstorm
rinzwind  2819  2812  0 11:28 ?        00:00:00 phpstorm
rinzwind  2849  2820  0 11:29 pts/1    00:00:00 grep --color=phpstorm

The line with the "grep" is what you search for. The other one the executable. A simple ...

kill -9 2819

will stop "phpstorm".

A shorter method:

pgrep -f phpstorm

will list just the process ID and ...

kill -9 "$(pgrep -f phpstorm)"

will kill it.

Programs like "top" and "htop" can be used to list running processes.

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Fine fine Ill edit that in :=D My idea was to explain what "ps" does ;-) – Rinzwind Feb 14 at 13:09
kill: failed to parse argument: '11197 11250 11289' – Nechemya Kanelsky Feb 14 at 13:31
sorry I cant test it on an actual phpstorm :P Is that from the last command. Cuz a "kill -9 11197 11250 11289" should work if those processes exist ;) – Rinzwind Feb 14 at 13:39

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