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how to disable global menu in Adobe reader? the menu link not shown in global menu. enter image description here

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I found a great way to do this. All of the answers I was able to find involved launching Adobe Reader in a special way. Unfortunately I needed it to be part of the launcher. If you open up:

gksudo gedit /opt/Adobe/Reader9/bin/acroread

You'll be in the actual Adobe Reader launcher. Just add the line export UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= to the first blank space you see (under the commented area that starts with #) and save the file.

Now everytime you launch Adobe Reader it will launch with the UBUNTU_MENUPROXY thing enabled!

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thanks a lot! it works perfectly. I had once tried another method, which changed the setting for all the apps. – Arjun Bajaj Apr 16 '13 at 4:53

This fixed the problem for me (see

Create a file (e.g. 98menuproxy ) in /etc/X11/Xsession.d folder with the line:


Next login to the GUI, acroreader menus should be visible on the program window itself.

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