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This is a recurring problem I have had for some time.

Around a year ago I installed a larger capacity battery (the kind that sticks out the back), on my HP 6715b laptop. When running on battery power under ubuntu, the laptop sometimes randomly just cuts out. It happens more frequently, when laptop is drawing more current, e.g. when there are several things plugged into the usb, or running full screen video with the screen brightness up.

After it cuts out the laptop won't boot back up again until plugged into the wall, as though all the charge has been drained from the battery, even if the battery was on almost full before failing.

The question is:

  • Is this a problem with the battery? It was off the internet, but what seemed like a reasonably reputable seller. The stickers on the battery have the HP logo, and it looks genuine.
  • Is it a problem with Ubuntu? It has never happened while running windows (I dual boot), but I don't run windows very often so this could just be luck.
  • Is it a problem with my laptop hardware?
  • And most importantly how can I find the answers to the questions above?

Any pointers of help would be welcome.

Background wise I'm running 11.10 at the moment, but the problem was present also under 11.04 (and I think 10.10 too).

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The BIOS may not be correctly reporting the battery details to Ubuntu, updating it may help. Check out this question –  Insperatus Sep 7 '12 at 1:36