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I want to change the display order of several apps in the top panel of Ubuntu 11.10 (logging into Unity 3D) but I am amazed that there appears to be no easy way to do this. However, I have read that the following file controls the display order:


Further details here:

At present I have the following top-panel apps installed:

  • Radio Tray
  • My-Weather-Indicator
  • Choqok (a Twitter client)
  • System monitor Indicator
  • Classicmenu Indicator

In order to carry out the steps in the above link I need to know the correct Application Indicator ID for each of the above apps. How can I find these?

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As far as I can tell, the IDs should just be the commands used to launch the applications. Another possible way to figure it out would be to use dconf-editor and go to desktop -> unity -> panel and look at the list in systray-whitelist. That's assuming you have whitelisted everything with the ['all'].

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How does one find out which application is associated with an indicator icon?

How can I find Application Indicator ID's?

This script

qdbus --literal   com.canonical.AppMenu.Registrar                  \
                 /com/canonical/Unity/Panel/Service                \
                  com.canonical.Unity.Panel.Service.Sync           \
| sed -e 's/[^{]*{\(.*\)}\]/\1/' | sed -e 's/\[[^"]*/[/g'          \
| sed -e 's/\[\(\(\("[^"]*"\|[^,"]*\), \)\{4\}\)[^]]*,\([^,]*\)\]/[\4, \1]/g' \
| sed -e 's/\[\([^,]*\, \)\("[^"]*",\)/[    \1\2                  /g'  \
| sed -e 's/\[ *\(....,.\{24\}\) */[\1/g'  | sed -e 's/\], \[/]\n[/g'  | sort -n -k2

will list the matching ap/id's from left to right. For details see
How does one find out which application is associated with an indicator icon?

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