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Is it possible to debug our programs written in c by gedit text editor ? If not, how can i do it ?

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Close voters: The question is not off-topic because it relates to software that comes with Ubuntu. It does not ask general programming type of question ! – Serg Feb 1 at 14:31
thats true sorry about it i was just wondering if it is possible to do that ! – Artnect Feb 1 at 14:35
Nothing to be sorry about - you're in the right place, everything is OK – Serg Feb 1 at 14:36
Do you know what are those third-party debugger plugins for python ? i mean this : @Serg – Artnect Feb 1 at 14:44
From what I read , most of those are markup and editing plugins, indentation plugins, but there is one for debugging. Never tried none, though. Personally I use vim and command line compilers/interpreters for 99% of the stuff I do. – Serg Feb 1 at 14:48
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gedit is a text editor - it will color the syntax but won't help you compile or debug it. What I suggest you use is geany. It is a very simple, very easy to use IDE, which you can use to write,compile, and debug. It's available through either Software Center or sudo apt-get install geany

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I think there is a terminal plugin for gedit

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Welcome to askubuntu ! "I think " isn't a very good answer. Can you support your opinion with examples ? A specific plugin ? – Serg Feb 1 at 15:37
Very well ! add that to your answer please ! – Serg Feb 1 at 15:42

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