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The hard drive on my server that contains /var crashed yesterday. I do not have backups for everything in /var/lib.

Regarding the list of packages installed, I have a backup file using the following command from the day of the crash:

dpkg-query - show - showformat = '$ {Package} \ n'

How to reset apt and dpkg settings to be able to re-install and update the system?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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You can't.

The whole state of the package management is kept in there. If it's lost, there's no way to 'rebuild' this database in a reasonable way. It keeps track of more than just what packages are installed, e.g. configuration choices (debconf). Recovering this from (earlier) backups may lead to other issues too - as the system state may have changed and the backup is invalid in such a case. This will result in conflicts later.

Only restore /var/lib/dpkg from backup if you know nothing has been changed concerning the package management in the meantime.

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