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I have been working with them for a while now (math equations in $[], not the arrays)

currentCombination=$[ (arrFiles[0]-1+arrFiles[0]-i)*i/2-arrFiles[0]+j ]
  1. How to call the man page?

  2. What is this math called (to google)?

  3. Does it have a min and max function?

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It's one way of doing arithmetic expansion in bash. It was deprecated years ago, and current GNU documentation doesn't mention it (Ubuntu's manpages still do, though: run man bash and see the section on Arithmetic Expansion). From this Stack Overflow post:

The manpage for bash v3.2.48 says:

[...] The format for arithmetic expansion is:


The old format $[expression] is deprecated and will be removed in upcoming versions of bash.

You should use $((...)) instead.

No, it doesn't have min or max functions.

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Wow, I had no idea $[] was a thing. I expected from the title that the answer was going to be man '['. (i.e. test) – Peter Cordes Jan 29 at 15:57

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